The Wind…Trump’s Comb-Over’s Worst Enemy? Trump Speaks Out Against Wind Turbines

By: Liz Mylin

July 3, 2013



Donald Trump is currently in a legal battle with the government in Scotland because he doesn’t want offshore wind turbines built near his planned $1.2 billion resort near Aberdeen. Scotland’s government approved the wind project earlier this year in March and Trump is threatening not to build there because of the unsightly view of the wind turbines.

Trump is putting up a fight with his typical aggressiveness and argues that he “will spend whatever monies are necessary to see to it that these huge and unsightly industrial wind turbines are never constructed. Trump says that wind turbines are unreliable, highly inefficient, and require large subsidies.

Donald Trump has made his hatred of wind turbines clear by a few objections: they kill birds, are too expensive, are made in China, and “are a disaster for the environment,” as quoted during a recent visit to Scotland.  Yes, it is possible that the wind turbines pose as a threat to birds; however, I wonder how many birds smack into the Trump tower everyday?

The offshore wind project is one of Scotland’s first steps towards creating a clean energy economy that the government claims will create 28,000 jobs. Trump argues that the industrial look of the wind turbines will destroy the Scottish coastline’s scenery and the country will “be in very, very big trouble.”  When questioned about a poll that showed a majority of citizens in Scotland favor the wind energy policy, Trump responded that the offshore wind farm plan “was put out by a couple of people who wanted to see this happen.” Last year at Scotland’s parliament’s energy committee hearing, Alex Salmond, head of Scotland’s government, responded to Trump’s claims that it “would probably be best to allow energy policy of the country to be determined by the people who are democratically elected to determine it.”


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