New Energy Reduction Calculator for 2030 Challenge Now Available

By: Clinton Medbery

December 7, 2012

Update: 2/21/13 The Energy Reduction Calculator is now available to those without a GreenWizard subscription. To start using the Energy Reduction Calculator today, sign up for a free account.

Update: We have updated some features for our Energy Reduction Calculator. Find out more here.

Release Notes for December 3, 2012

While the country gave thanks and over-indulged on turkey, GreenWizard has been hard at work enhancing the software to provide additional tools for the design and construction community. We are excited to announce the first of a number of tools that will help you in your efforts to meet the 2030 Challenge.  Our new Energy Reduction Calculator helps you gauge your progress against the 2030 Challenge goals for net-zero energy use. With a minimal amount of information, the calculator can determine the target energy use for your project; if you have energy usage data available from an energy modeling tool, you can input the data to determine if your project is on target to meet the 2030 Challenge goal.

New 2030 Tools

How to use the Energy Reduction Calculator

From within a project, and select 2030 Challenge from the Goals drop-down menu. This summary screen will provide detail about the 2030 Challenge as well as links to a number helpful resources.  To access the calculator, select the Energy Reduction Calculator option from the Tools menu.

First, check to make sure your Square Footage and Estimated Completion Dates are correct. The completion date will determine the level of reduction that your project will need to achieve by the time of occupancy.

Make sure your information is up to date!

Next, the system will need to calculate the Average Site EUI. There are two options for this determination. The preferred option is to provide the regional average, which can be determined by using a tool such as the EnergyStar Target Finder; for your convenience, a link is provided to this tool within the calculator. If no regional average is available, you can direct the calculator to use the national average by providing detail for the usage of different spaces within the project building.

Determine Average Site EUI

By simply providing these few project detail elements and the information needed to determine the average EUI, GreenWizard can present the target energy use for your project building. Your design should be geared towards keeping the total energy use for the project building below this threshold.

Are you going to hit your mark?

If you have design-case energy data available, whether from an eQuest Parms file or other energy modeling tool, you can input the information directly from the tool and the calculator will determine if the total energy usage is above or below your 2030 Challenge target. The Energy Reduction Calculator also provides some helpful graphs to show where the majority of your energy consumption is focused, helping you determine where the most significant reductions can be made.

2030 Bar Graph

More enhancements are in progress for the Energy Reduction Calculator, including the ability to load energy usage data from your modeling software tool to simplify the process even further. Be sure to check back regularly to take advantage of these and the many other improvements GreenWizard provides to you every two weeks!

Add a Description and Picture to a Project

You can now associate a picture and add a description to a project. You can do this by either starting a new project, or clicking on an existing project and click View All Project Details on the Project Dashboard. From there, you can enter a description and upload a picture. Remember to press Save when you are done.

Click View All Project Details


Click View All Project Details

Feel free to use this space however you want. Want to put a message out to your team? Do it!

New Project Description and Picture

Other Points of Interest

  • Products Listing for projects now sorts by Master Format Number as the default
  • Added some Notifications to the Product Tracker

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