GreenWizard and Product Transparency

Product Transparency

The top AEC firms are requesting and driving the transparency movement more than ever before. HPDs, EPDs and the transparency they bring are no longer just a trend. HPDs and EPDs are rapidly moving towards becoming a requirement. See what the top AEC firms are saying about the importance of transparency and the value it brings.

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GreenWizard offers a free common platform for manufacturers to load their chemical/health (HPDs/Declare/C2C), EPD/LCA, sustainability (Zip code of manufacture/FSC/bio-based/3rd-Party certification) and performance information, while granting immediate access to this information to a potentially unlimited number of individuals or firms. This information exchange helps to initiate an open dialogue between the AECs and BPMs and further facilitate and drive the transparency movement.

Currently, GreenWizard is the only common repository for these 100,000+ pieces of documentation and the 1,000,000++ discrete character fields associated with this information.

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AEC Professionals

Drive the transparency movement! Request that your BPMs disclose all their product ingredients by uploading their HPD and EPD statements to GreenWizard, for free!
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AEC firms are demanding transparency! Have you disclosed the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions? GreenWizard can help you disclose this information and even help you market your products to the right customers. Best of all, it's free!
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