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Why WORKflow PRO®?

It's not easy being green. At GreenWizard, we want to make sure all your building projects are successful and all your successes are repeatable. Our WORKflow PRO® software offers a unique, online, collaborative set of tools that empower design and construction professionals to develop green buildings- faster, easier, better.

For Design Professionals

To make sure your project achieves certification requires extensive planning from the earliest project stage. WORKflow PRO® includes tools that allow architects and specifiers to make the right decisions during design, allowing for more informed decisions to be made during construction. With tools that help you to make the best design choices to meet green goals, specify the best products, and submit design credits, GreenWizard helps to ensure a successful green project right from the start.

For Construction Professionals

With the plan complete, the construction is ready to begin. Products are being evaluated, submitted for approval, and purchased. WORKflow PRO® makes it easy for contractors, subcontractors and LEED APs to communicate with manufacturers and vendors to get accurate product information, manage product documentation, and easily submit the information to LEED® Online.

For Design & Construction Firms

Though your project is complete, your commitment to green building has just begun. WORKflow PRO® includes tools for design and construction professionals to stay informed and share knowledge with their entire firm. Sustainability champions can monitor the progress of all their green projects while individuals contribute to a firm-wide knowledge base of materials and documentation, ensuring your next green project is even better than the last.

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